Archer the frenchie


I’m Archer.

Oh hello. I’m Archer, a frenchie who still lives with his pawrents in the beautiful city of Toronto.

I am a full-time professional small spoon cuddler and treat connoisseur. I’m also a part-time model. I am known for my infamous one expression look; it’s my version of “blue steel”. I am basically the modern day Derek Zoolander, but difference is, I got four paws and a set of big ass bat ears.

My hoomans tell me I’m super stubborn but I think it builds character. Don’t you agree? I really think I’m the whole package: I snore and snort like a pig, zoom around like a rabbit and will forever steal your heart with my puppy eyes.

Anyways, I’m happy you stopped by! I love making new friends. I can’t wait to share a little glimpse of my life, my adventures and, if you’re lucky, my treats.