Look Ma, I’ve made it!


I have been so lucky to have met and worked with some amazing people and brands over the years. These are all brands and products I use, love and continuously support. They are all Archer approved and I highly recommend them to all my friends.

Send us an email at archiethefrenchieto@gmail.com for collaboration inquiries, or fill out a contact us form.


bark industry

As seen on CBC Dragons’ Den, Bark Industry offers the best and most unique dog backpack in the industry. They are durable, comfortable and come in different prints. I now carry my own poop bags and treats! Check out their website.

Use my code “ARCHER10” for a discount!


frenchie bulldog

Frenchie Bulldog Pet supply is the leading brand when it comes to reversible harnesses, strap harnesses, hoodies and cooling bandanas. Their prints are fun, colourful and one of a kind. You’re guaranteed to be the most stylish pup around!

Use my code “ARCHERTORONTO10” for a discount!


Canada Pooch

Being a Canadian pup, we love Canadian brands! Canada Pooch offers the most stylish dog clothes and accessories, for all seasons of the year. We are obsessed with their parkas, sweaters rain jackets, pajamas, hats and the list goes on! I now have so many #ootd!

Find me modelling occasionally on their website.



The same people who makes the Casper mattress makes the perfect dog bed. It’s memory foam, durable and will guarantee a good night’s sleep! I take more naps than you can count.

They don’t call me a Nap King for nothing.



Petsies make custom stuffed animals of your pet, whether it is a dog, cat, bird, hamster, horse, you name it! Find myself and Archer 2.0 on their website. We’re same same, but different. He may be cooler but I’m definitely more handsome. Come on, am i right?


Westin Harbour Castle Toronto (Marriott Hotels)

One of Toronto’s most pet friendly hotels! They’re known to offer pups the ultimate VIP treatment. I had a stay-cation at the hotel and got to experience their Heavenly dog bed and hooman bed. My mom wrote all about it on our blog - Check it out!


open farm

You can say I am a frenchie with an exquisite taste. Open Farm offers pet food made from quality ingredients that are sourced ethically and sustainably. My favourite is their freeze dried raw!

I’m hungry just talking about it! BRB, going to eat!


gnocchi & goma

Gnocchi & Goma creates high quality dog sweaters and harnesses with original embroidery designs and prints which we are obsessed with. Our fav is the “Into the sky” sweater and their newest GG & Fine collab sweater! Use my code “ARCHER10” for a discount!


Beaver Canoe (for PetSmart Canada)

This brand is exclusive to PetSmart Canada and is inspired by the wilderness and Canadian landscape. Their apparel and accessories are designed for all you adventurous pups! I was lucky enough to model for their Spring/Summer line, and was featured in their store flyers! Keep a look out for my ads!


highly canine

Highly Canine creates classic, go-to pieces that help dog people (like you!) share what they love about being a Dog Mom or Dad. Find my dad and I on their website! Aren’t we handsome?

Use my code “ARCHER15” for a discount!


Pop your pup

Pop Your Pup offers pet art that is one of a kind! They take your pet photos and transform them into modern pop art and allow you to create custom products like canvases, phone cases, blankets, apparel and more! Perfect for our overly dog obsessed hoomans.



I shed A LOT and my hoomans get tired of sweeping every day. Thus, we were so excited to meet bOb. Bob PetHair Plus is one of the strongest robotic vacuum on the market. bOb and I work as team. I do all the hard work of shedding and he picks is all up! Thanks bOb!